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Final Blog Post?

Final Blog Post

We were warned prior to starting the module that ‘Living & Working on the Web’ might not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea, but I am very fortunate that I pursued the module as my knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm for working online has drastically improved. I would never have considered writing a blog before, whereas now I understand just how easy it is to set up a blog and the many positive attributes that come with owning a blog (Dekmezian, 2015). Continue reading “Final Blog Post?”


Reflection of Topic 5

Open Access

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This weeks blog looked at the advantages and disadvantages of having open access information which you can read here. Once researching the topic, I established the philosophy that information should be openly accessible, so that progress within fields is quickly achievable. On the other hand, it could be disputed that a shift in technology means we have to introduce paywalls in order for companies to survive, which is what myself and other bloggers discussed. Do you think the term ‘open access’ will soon be extinct for certain institutions? Continue reading “Reflection of Topic 5”

Open Access in 21st Century


Open access has been the traditional method for retrieving information for quite some time until digitisation rapidly increased meaning we access data differently and the price of research has risen astoundingly. Now, we do not necessarily have ‘open access’ on a lot of online content in today’s society because journal companies are charging an unexplainable amount of money for the information (PHDComics, 2012)Continue reading “Open Access in 21st Century”

Is the DarkNet our answer?

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In my last blog I titled it stating that ‘Online activities would never be ethical’. This bold statement was made once discovering that our digital footprints are set in concrete, with large, unavoidable organisations such as Google bragging about the private information they can retrieve and store from us. This led me to question if there was any way to prevent the unethical behaviour that we are faced with each time we go online, or do we simply just accept that if we use the internet, we must accept the dissolvent of our privacy. Continue reading “Is the DarkNet our answer?”

Online Activities Will Never Be Ethical


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Despite the internet being very useful in many aspects, it is essentially a war-zone, with unethical bombs detonating every minute. Our privacy is tarnished, reputations are shattered and lives are ruined because of unethical behaviour online. The next question poses – is there anything we can do? Continue reading “Online Activities Will Never Be Ethical”

Reflection on Topic 3

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Topic 3 was all about how you can develop a professional profile online. After engaging with other bloggers on my work as well as reading other blogs, I found that being professional online could result in you losing your true identity. Continue reading “Reflection on Topic 3”

Developing a Professional Online Profile

We now live in a digital age in which everything appears to be moving online. One thing that certainly has moved online is employment, where we are seeing less focus on CV’s and more focus on digital profiles. Ever wondered if your employee has looked you up? Continue reading “Developing a Professional Online Profile”

Reflection on Online Identities


The argument of having multiple online identities continues as there are several different advantages and disadvantages surrounding the agenda. When I wrote my original post, I was swaying towards the concept that having multiple identities was fine, but after discussions with other bloggers, it came to my attention that so many people on the internet abuse the ability of being able to completely change and hide who you are. Continue reading “Reflection on Online Identities”

Implications of an online presence

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We are constantly warned about how careful we need to be online in order to be safe, but do the majority of us actually listen? Our digital footprints online could be the reason why you didn’t get that job you wanted… Or why your bank account is a thousand pounds down. I’ll be discussing ways to be safer online, and how an online presence can actually be used as an advantage in many ways. Continue reading “Implications of an online presence”

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