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Topic 3 was all about how you can develop a professional profile online. After engaging with other bloggers on my work as well as reading other blogs, I found that being professional online could result in you losing your true identity.

Once discoursing with Cherie on her post and reading this article, it came to my attention that you should not necessarily make all of your social media accounts professional.

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Andrei then discussed LinkedIn as the main tool for being professional online  and I agree that this should be the main tool, due to the fact it was created for the purpose of employment. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram were not created for employment so why take the fun out of them by making them strictly professional?

I firmly believe that if everyone made themselves professional on sites such as Facebook, it would no longer be an active community because its soul purpose has been removed.

I next explored with Andrei  that I didn’t particularly fancy deleting all my past pictures on Facebook because these are all memories throughout the years that my friends and I would like to look back on, discovering the concept that it is extremely hard to balance being professional and being yourself online. You either take away who you truly are or pretend to be professional in an attempt to impress other people – that choice is up to you.

“Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.”

Overall, after reflecting on the topic, I would recommend that you take advice from my original blog in order to become more professional, but you should not completely jeopardise who you are as a person for the sake of a job. This doesn’t mean you don’t remove pictures of yourself absolutely hammered but it does mean you should protect your identity. Remember why you signed up to sites such as Instagram in the first place…not for recruitment, you don’t need to take yourself too seriously.

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