“No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog” – Chris Brogan


Before starting this module, I never realised the amount of hard work and time it takes to not only write a blog, but additionally set up one too. Blogging is completely new to me, I have never read blogs in the past and I certainly have not had the idea of setting up one. Now once I’ve invested some time on WordPress, I was able to understand how blogging works, navigate around the website and create my own website in which I can share my marketing knowledge. You could say that I’ve actually moved up on Prensky’s continuum from a ‘Visitor’ to a ‘Resident’ (and it had nothing to do with age!).

I was asked on my last blog in the comments about what I consider myself to be on the internet in terms of Prensky’s theory. Do I feel as if my online presence is merely a visitor or do I fully engage in the communities of social media platforms and websites which would make me more of a resident? My reflection on these definitions is that I am somewhat in the middle of the scale and although I do engage online leaving digital footprints, this is not the case on every website and a lot of the time I will find myself browsing, rather than fully engrossing in terms of leaving posts and comments.

Once starting to look at other blogs, I realised the potential that blogging and the internet as a whole has. You are able to create and share content in a way that is attractive, rather than being basic and mundane. I will be looking to improve my blogs as I progress and I hope to bring a lot more quality within my blogs in the near future.